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Ohio Newborn Photographer KLFROST Photography is an

Accredited Professional Newborn Photographer. 

Your babies safety is Kristin's #1 priority! 

Currently, there are no safety regulations in place for the Newborn Photography industry.  Anyone who owns a camera can begin photographing newborns with no training and no knowledge of the unique needs of infants.

As a Certified APNPI Newborn Photographer, Kristin has completed newborn safety & education training. Please check out this link with resources to help you select a safe photographer and help you identify elements of risk throughout your session.  


A newborn photographers number one priority should be the care and safety of the infant in your arms. That should always come before the image the photographer hopes to capture. Safety should always be your top concern!



During a newborn session, your photographer will be wrapping baby with a variety of fabrics. Babies love to feel snug and secure because it reminds them of being in the womb they so recently left. Unfortunately, there are some photographers that will wrap the little one too tightly or posed incorrectly which can cause circulation problems. The photographer should be checking on your baby’s toes and fingers to ensure there’s good color to the skin.




Forced Poses

While some poses look natural, there are others that the photographer will create themselves with a baby who is squishy and posable. Posed Newborn sessions involve putting the baby into positions for the cutest images possible. This should never compromise the baby’s comfort though. If the photographer manipulates the baby into a position that’s uncomfortable, your newborn will make his or her displeasure known. If you see this, don’t be afraid to stop the session. Your baby should never be forced into a position for the sake of an image!



In most images of newborns, their little bums aren’t covered. Their heads, fingers, toes and bodies are uncovered so that all their cute, little rolls and squishy newborn goodness is there for the photograph. To get these images, the studio has to be incredibly warm. Babies must be kept warm and cozy during the session even if the photographer is hot and uncomfortable. Newborns are directly influenced by the temperature of their environment. They can’t regulate their own temperature. NEVER let your baby be directly on a heating pad or with hot air blowing directly on their bodies at a close distance. The studio should be approximately 80 to 85 degrees for the baby at all times.


Ohio Newborn Photographer KLFROST Photography

KLFROST Photography's Boutique Johnstown Studio, just east of Columbus, Ohio she believes safety and security of your little one should come first. Kristin provides a service to her clients that never compromises the comfort and safety of your child. With 11+ years of experience and training, Kristin will take care of you and your little.






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