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Any Disney fans out there?

Meet Eowyn Sonja and her beautiful Momma Angela.  Such a precious time I had, we connected on a whole other level with our shared adorations for the story of Maleficent and Lord of the Rings.  Angela has such exquisite taste in names, woven and fancy goods!  Her daughter, Eowyn Sonja was named after the “Lord of the Rings” books/movies, a shield maiden and Lady of Rohan who kill the Witch-king of Angmar; Sonja from the 1985 movie Red Sonja starring Brigitte Nielsen and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  What a precious meaning behind Angela’s baby girls name!

Angela’s wrap was made by Pretty Paisley, a machine woven wrap Diaval (so far, limited release at IBC 2018 and a few as FB contest prizes), 100% unmercerized cotton. Last but not least, Eowyn’s lovey is Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Maleficent in dragon form (in live-action movie, Diaval is her pet crow and becomes the dragon at the end of the movie).

These colors are so magical in the setting we played in – thank you for sharing your day with me!




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