5 WAYS TO SOOTHE YOUR FUSSY BABE | Columbus Ohio Newborn Photographer

5 WAYS TO SOOTHE YOUR FUSSY BABE | Columbus Ohio Newborn Photographer

Let’s face it, having and taking care of a newborn is not always your favorite sunshiny, happy unicorn moment. We totally love our sweet little squish, that is... until... that sleep deprived moment when we are overwhelmed and just don’t know exactly know how to make this precious babe happy again. We’ve fed, changed, bathed, cuddled, burped and sang to him but nothing is working! I have totally been there.

That is when knowing the 5 S’s becomes a complete Godsend!!! Dr. Harvey Karp developed these amazing techniques and shares them in his book The Happiest Baby On The Block.

The 5 S’s are valuable tools for every parent and caretaker to have when it comes to soothing a baby.


The First S: Swaddling

A comfortable snug wrap is a great way to calm a fussy babe. Keeping their arms wrapped to his side helps decrease startling, keeps him nice & warm and induces sleep.


The Second S: Side or Stomach Position

Help your fussy babe calm down by holding him on his side or belly. This is a temporary help, since only sleeping on his back is best for a newborn.


The Third S: Shushing

Have you ever been told to run the vacuum cleaner while your baby sleeps? White noises like this are similar to what your baby was experiencing for 9 months in womb.  Try a sound machine to play white noise, rain drops or ocean. Those are pure magic in my home and at every newborn session.


The Fourth S: Swinging

In womb your babe was in amniotic fluid, floating around as you walked down stairs. He was bobbing up and down as you went about your day. Try simulating this, always supporting your babes head/neck, keep your motions small; and move no more than 1 inch back and forth. Then transition into long and calm swaying. I find it is BEST in combination with the sounds of the ocean. Nice and calm, likely to put you asleep too. Beware.


The Fifth S: Sucking

Sucking is “the icing on the cake” of calming. Many fussy babies relax and go into a zoned state of relaxation with a pacifier.


All of the 5 S’s help increase a babies mellow state of relaxation making it easier for them to let go and sleep. Sleep is very important for a baby, so keep in mind the 5 S’s when trying to soothe your baby back into a deep sleep, especially for those late night wake up calls.

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