what if we don’t know what to do in front of the camera?

During a portrait session, I will absolutely help guide you into poses. My only expectation for you is that you come open to ideas, and are ready to have fun, laugh, and snuggle in front of my camera! While I will give you direction throughout the session, I like to let you fall into a version of the pose that is comfortable for you and keep it fun! There will also be plenty of times when I will let you do your thing, and capture your natural interactions. I may ask you to move, walk, and fake laugh- which coincidentally always results in real laughter!


how will you edit my pictures?

My editing style is classical yet contemporary. I use my camera to capture each image as true to color as best I can.  I edit to enhance the true beauty of each image, not changing the way a person looks. If there is something specific that you would like changed in an image, it can be processed by a retoucher for an additional fee.


can we have the raw/ unedited images too?

Simply, No. After your session, I spend time going through the pictures and sorting them. At this time, I sort out the pictures that have eyes closed, misfires, pictures where people walked in front of the camera, and pictures that for whatever reason do not meet my very high standards or my photographic style. These files are discarded. While I will never hold good pictures hostage from you, my job is to curate the most beautiful way to tell your story. I also spend time editing to make my pictures look a certain way. Each image is my art and reflects my unique creative style, I will not release my images without my final touch.


how will i receive my images? can i have my pictures on a usb?

Any purchased digital files will be delivered electronically via an online gallery within 48 hours of  your REVEAL PARTY.  This is the quickest way for me to get the images to you.  No need to wait for items to be shipped and delivered. It also allows you to share your images with guests, friends, and family. From your gallery, you can download all the images directly to your computer. You can save them to a hard drive, USB or CD on your own. Any High Resolution digital images purchased from KLFROST Photography will be hand delivered to you on a custom USB when the rest of your product arrives.


when will we receive our images?

Your gallery will be available within 2 weeks from your event at your REVEAL PARTY.


can i print my pictures on my own?

Absolutely. Any digital files that you have purchased from KLFROST Photography comes with a print release.  Kristin recommends professional printing, and you are also welcome to have prints made on your own through a lab of your choice.


how do we book a session with you?

To book your session and reserve your date I require a signed contract and a $200 non-refundable retainer.




when should I book my newborn session?

As soon as you know you’d like a Session, but 3-4 months prior to your due date is recommended to ensure availability. I only accept a limited number of newborns per month to guarantee the utmost image quality, plus a smooth client experience (and personal sanity – all that squatting and maneuvering is rough on the body and I need time to recover!). If you already have a newborn, it may not be too late! Sometimes last-minute openings are available since babies like to arrive into the world on their own time. Sessions should take place within the first two weeks, but I will accept “older” newborns with the understanding certain poses may not be possible, or we will gear the Session more towards lifestyle images rather than posed portraits.

when will my session take place?

Usually within the first two weeks of life. The best time is between 6-14 days after birth to increase our chances of full baby cooperation, and so they don’t surpass that curly, itty-bitty newborn size. Seriously, they change so stinkin’ fast, and are most flexible during that specific window of time. Newborn Sessions are scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays, and typically start at 10:00 AM.

how do I book if I don’t know when baby will arrive?

Easy! Step 1: Contact me. Step 2: Pay your non-refundable down payment and fill out the Contract & Client Information Form. Step 3: We meet for a consultation to discuss details of your session and tentatively schedule your session date. Step 4:  Hang out ‘til baby arrives. Step 5: Once your baby has arrived please contact me within 48 hours, we can change the date of your session at this time if needed.